Banzai Motorsports - They don't do safety checks, but they charge

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They charge hundreds for their "safety check".After you agree on a price, they add this on.

The problem is...they don't do safety checks. My back tire was damaged, the rear brakes were shot, and when I pointed this out a week later (after they said the bike had been through an extensive safety checkup) they did nothing. Don't trust them.

The "safety checks" are just a note on a form so that they can *** you out of more money.They basically buy large quantities of bikes at auction, and then sell them without knowing the condition.

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Antioch, Illinois, United States #640231

I worked there and this place was 100% a screw anyone to make a dollar kinda place



Banzai Motorsports is the worst in the Midwest

Elmhurst, Illinois 23 comments

Banzai Motorsports in Crystal Lake is the worst dealership in the Midwest. I made the mistake of buying a new bike from them last year and found that they totally screwed up the set-up of it. They added too much oil when they set up this new bike and it caused me some issues. I had to take it to another Suzuki dealership to get it fixed as Banzai would not correct their issue. The other Suzuki dealership also found three other issues with how Banzai set up the bike out of the crate. I have complaints with Suzuki corporate and am looking at the Illinois lemon laws right now.

While talking to other disgruntled Banzai customers out there, getting info for a potential legal case, I’ve heard these stories…

A guy buys a Kawasaki cruiser. Banzai sells it to him as a 1500cc bike because they don’t know what they got. When some guy tells this owner that his bike is actually a 1600cc bike and he checks his VIN and confirms it, he sees that it is correct. The bike is truly a 1600cc bike. Banzai in their ignorance, and they are a Kawasaki dealership, cannot even tell the difference between a 1500cc and 1600cc bike, which look different enough for some guy to notice it. From what I was told, when this customer mentioned this to Banzai, they started to grill him to find out who sold him the bike and wanted him to make up the difference (about $1,600) as he was truly undercharged. What a bunch of clowns…

A guy brings in his Vulcan 750 to Banzai for new tires. He wants Metzlers because he has heard everyone who owns a Vulcan 750 rave about them. He gets quoted a price and leaves the bike. He picks up the bike and leaves to get home to find Dunlop tires installed on his bike. He calls Banzai and they tell him that Metzler doesn’t make tires for his bike. He knows that is a lie because he has seen local riders with them on and is part of a user group on the internet where they are raved about on a continual basis. Banzai will not fix their mistake and this owner also finds out that he was greatly overcharged as he paid for the more expensive Metzlers yet got the cheapest Dunlops instead.

A guy rides his Nomad to Banzai to pick up some parts. He doesn’t even get the bike shut down when he has three Banzai salesmen crowding him trying to get him to trade in his Nomad for a Goldwing (and they are not a Honda dealership). He asks them what his bike is worth and they cannot even tell him what year they think it is. They insult him with their tone and comments. This guy lives a few miles from Banzai but told me that he would rather take his bike to either Elgin or Wisconsin then go to Banzai. He now won’t even buy parts from them as he found them to be not only offensive but also incompetent.

A couple comes in to look for a used bike as their first bike. This couple should have looked at an 1100cc or so bike, but all that the sales people would show them was either used Harleys or Goldwings. These people had no experience and this would have been their first motorcycle. All Banzai wanted to do was set them up on a expensive bike that they were not qualified or ready to ride. They care nothing for the customer, only the sale. Thankfully these customers walked out and found a good deal elsewhere and are now enjoying the open road on a bike that they are comfortable with and able to handle.

A 20-something kid comes in with his father looking for a motorcycle. Instead of talking to both of them to find out where his skills are at, the salesman at Banzai instead only shows this kid high powered rockets like the Hayabusa and the CBR1100. This kid should have been looking at a bike like the GS500E or something similar as he had no real experience but the salesman told stories and lies and talked the father into letting his son get a high powered performance sport bike. This kid didn’t even have his license, yet they let him ride the bike away… A year later, the bike is wrecked and the kid is in recovery and Banzai still sells bikes that their buyers are not qualified to ride.

Guy buys a motorcycle from Banzai on eBay. He doesn’t even get out of Crystal Lake on his way back to Michigan when the bike stalls and dies. Banzai wants to charge him shop rates to get the bike working again as it was sold “as-is”. Check their eBay feedback on this one… Here is his statement on eBay “I drove 7&1/2 hours for a total lemon. The bike broke down within 2 miles”

Banzai’s shop rates are totally unreasonable and their wait time is incredibly long. Add to the equation that their mechanical skill is sub-rate and you have all the ingredients of a truly messed up shop. I know a local guy in the area who took his bike in for an oil change and fluid maintenance as he really didn’t have the time to do it himself. He got the bike back and his drain plug on the bottom of the bike was stripped out and leaking oil everywhere. They claimed to him that HE did the damage when he changed his oil last time. But this guy followed the instructions in his shop manual and used the side oil drain plug on the bike and not the one on the bottom every time. To his knowledge, he had never removed the bottom plug. Banzai would not fix the issue and he had to take it to another shop to have the plug hole re-tapped and a new plug put in. He decided to save some time and have the oil and fluids replaced by “professionals” and ended up having to fix everything they touched.

Another satisfied eBay customer writes: “Seller charged me $299.00 for inspection/tune up. They had done nothing to it.”

So, if you are thinking of buying a motorcycle or getting one worked on I advise you to do your homework and avoid Banzai Motorsports in Crystal Lake. They have a bad reputation and were driven out of business in Libertyville around 8 years ago. Now they think that they can buy new location and start again. That would be fine if they were not the same scumbags, but unfortunately they have already shown that the New Banzai is no better then the Old Banzai. SCUMBAGS all the way. Buyer beware and all that. Banzai is *** and will *** over… Their website states that they are former buyers for the “largest dealership in the country”. Who was that and did they get fired from that “dealership” because of how they treat their customers? Their website also states that you need to “demand” to speak to their internet sales department so you can get to know some “good guys in the business”. So does that mean that they keep the idiots on the salesfloor? Sorry… Banzai is full of creeps and scumbags. The only good guy I knew who worked there quit as he would not violate his ethics and good name by being associated with the Banzai name.

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Purchased a customized Bike from them 2 years ago.Bike was awesome.

Price was a little high but I basically paid for the custom work I would have needed to do myself. The salesguy was not pushy but I did get a little push back when it came to getting a few items fixed as part of the sales deal. My salesman pushed management to ok my requests. Everything was documented in the sales contract so I held them to it, including installing a missing brake disk in the front.

I guess the previous owner thought it looked cool to only have one disk but I totally seen this as a saftey issue. That was ordered and installed, and the tech took the time to install a new brake line to the rear brake that had a tiny leak. I thought that was superb since it was not part of the deal and someting I had not even known about. Also a small crack in the upper fairing was fixed and professionall repainted...all at no extra cost, just a little paitience and persistance.

Overall happy with transaction and my bike.

Funny story, my salesguy quit the day I came in to finalize the sale, while I was there..I guess arguing with management to keep his customers satisfied was constant battle for him.


Crooks and terrible people, would never do business with them again!when i bought, the bike didnt even come with rear turn signals or a place to mount the plates.

so at an additional charge they said they would gladly install them. wouldnt you think these would be standard oem equiped parts? a few other bikes i noticed didnt have them as well.

i also brought up some of the fees that they charge to another dealership and they couldnt even explain where they came up with the prices.

not to mention they let me drive the bike off the lot....not even having a M liscence.


These guys are just the worst f--king crooks that I have ever dealt with. Nuff said.


I unfortunately bought a bike on e-bay from them.Never again.

The battery was in sideways and leaked. Tank was dented. Unable to recover from e-bay. When I gave them the deserved bad feedback on e-bay, they paid $100 to "NetNeutrals" to have the bad feedback simply erased.



These guys are liars and thieves. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE F**KBIRDS


i used to work for chicago cycle center when jerry fokus was being bought out....the guys who own it now bought it from him when he was on western avenue...the total deal was valued at somewhere in the 10 million dollar range...he is a salesman first and foremost that being said buyer beware....the policy of no test rides is a good one as for the liability it poses to the dealer and yes they do sell bikes to novice riders...i didnt agree with that as i witnessed first hand 2 accidents from aggressive sales people...jerry was the countrys number one volume suzuki,kawasaki,honda,yanaha dealer i know ive seen the awards in his house...they assemble the bikes in house and most of the guys are just only costs 200-250 dollars for a bike to be shipped anywhere in the us and the pdi (pre delivery inspection ) is a secondary cost that is gravy for the dealer and thats how the salesman gets paid...its called holding the gross...they also add on a 749 dollar delivery well as a destination fee...go and deal with champion cycle on western and youll know what a bad dealer is....


if some justice is done please dont forget about the others as for me i would like to get these a holes back var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy10348 = 'Maldonado3005' + '@'; addy10348 = addy10348 + 'yahoo' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy10348 ); document.write( '' );


yes i agree i bought a 08 kawasaki zx6r they promised me they would take care of some minor stuff on the bike we agreed i would pick up in one week so i did nothing was done about this i took my bike home i was riding one day and my shifter had falling off do too a lose screw also came to find out all my rear sets and passenger pegs where lose screws where falling everywhere front fender exhaust and so on i also had a lot of oil in it this is true these people our the worst of the worst and i hope they pay for it

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #172818

Would not let me take used st1300 for test ride - told me "test rides were against the law" and it would cost me $350 to return the bike under warrantee. Stay away from these guys.


Banzai Motorsports is a horrible company. They are thiefs!


well from my own experience i know the service department suck ***, they had to replace cover on my cbr 1000rr ,after they finish the oil was leaking!! so i went to other dealer in chicago and they couldnt belive it what and how they have done it!

And another thing i like about them how they test the bikes with cold engines


100% idiots up there.Very high pressure and treat you like a 6 year old with no riding experience.

Watch on on your license plates. They have a scam where they pick the plates up at the closest SOS office and hold them at their store. You can pick them up there, or pay 25.00 to have them sent Fedx. Are you kidding me ?

It doesn't cost 25.00 to ship a motorcycle plate.

Oh, because they sell over 2,000 bikes a year they can't ship them to you for free.Do they math on 2,000 bikes over the cost of shipping and see how much they are pocketing !!


I went to buy a bike from the big fat King, When I got there the sale price that saves you thousands was all bull *** !!The $6995 GSXR600 was $9877 total, The extra add ons made me run,not walk from that pole barn dump (the bikes are jamed in storage units,leaking wet from ran) ask to view the service department, one bay with no shop tools??

They pray on the weak, and the wise figure it out quickly ??How many shops has that guy jerry worked at 5,6, he changes shops to prey on fresh meat..

Readfield, Maine, United States #25273

Comments on how s***** this place is, is so true. I just ripped off from them yesterday and iam filing a complaint through the state.

Beallsville, Ohio, United States #24900

I read thru the other posts. True the warrantys are overpriced, and most of all, worthless.

The owner:

Jerry Focus, does not own any or part of any other shops.

He used to own Chicago Cycle Center, which had as bad a name until he sold it.

Beallsville, Ohio, United States #24893

The real issue, is many shops in Chicagoland area, use a horrible setup company: Midwest Motorcycle Setups of LaGrange, Il.Their " builders " use make shift tools, are not trained in motrcycle mechanics, let alone setting up bikes.

They use cheap tools, and their "toolboxes" have vice grips, channel locks, old worn out allen wrenches, and phillips screw drivers. I know some of these builders, its a total joke of a company. But, dealers use them, as a last resort. The next nearest setup company is in Ohio, Custom Assemblys.

All the problems local dealers have from using Midwest Motorcycle Setups, goes directly to inept, and untrained workers. There is not one person in the entire company, including both owners, who are trained in any way, shape, or fashion, in motorcycle mechanics or repair. So, if your buying a machine, whether motorcycle, atv, personal watercraft, in the Chicagoland areas, ask if they use Midwest Motorcycle Setups. If they say yes.

run dont walk away.

You will have nothing but trouble.the company doesnt even own a torque wrench, let alone use it on setups.

Grant, Iowa, United States #23605

All I see is people crying over problems , which is what most people do nowadays . I want both sides of the story not just hearsay . I used to use banzai when they were in libertyville and they were awsome to me .

Brazzaville, Brazzaville, Congo #22908

Thats is why i purchased my bike from a larger dealership.I when to Banzai once and tired to get a gixxer600 from them, workers there were retarded didn't want to help me out.

Got mad and when to chicago cycle, really great and friendly workers there.

Johnny Ninja a sale person there was nice and knows his products.Gave me a great deal on my bike.

Linden, North Carolina, United States #16877

i was going to go to this place to check out some bikes because of there low low prices on OTD bikes.

now after reading this i will never go there.

besides that the guy looks like he wants to take your money.

Millbury, Massachusetts, United States #13719

Begining of the year bought a brand new Kawasaki sport bike.I've owned older bikes but this was my first new.

Cut-Throat sales people, saw them doing what is talked about trying to sell underqualified riders overqualified bikes. lucky me I knew what I wanted.......Way wrong. Although they beat everyone's price by $1000.00 I will never do it again. They are 4 for 4 on breaking promises on when their service department would have things ready.

Really don't ""Promise"" me something is going to be done at a certain time then move it back 2 days on all 4 occasions. Then I went with a warrenty. Yeh a warrenty from jim-bobs crack shack. It's not even a valid Kawasaki warrenty.

Kawasaki later sent in the mail a great warrenty valid at any dealership.

If I'd known that I would have never.For the extra money you might pay go to a well established dealer.

Leninskiy, Tula, Russian Federation #13412

i bought a dodge srt-4 that they had from a trade in for a bike and in one month i had found out that both wheel bearings were shot the transmission was malfunctioning and other variouse problems they also sold me a warranty which when i tried to use when my transmission blew they said it was not a warranty for my type of car and it was voided i paid 1500 for the warranty we tried to get the money back and the owner got cocky and yelled at my mom and it took him 2 months to refund our moneu for the warramty they also over charged me on the car the car was priced at 13000 by the time i was finished with there so called taxes and expenses i paid 16200 ...... *** em p in va g

Daingerfield, Texas, United States #9449

Owner/ scam artist thrives on these people, all people want is a cheap bike, they advertise cheap bikes, whe you finally sit down and get this charge and that charge its WAY over retail, this shop only exist because of there super high pressure techniques , I would love top see all the warrantee claims that are all fraud to the manufacturers...

only problem is these people make it way to hard on some honest people that are in the same biz.

anonther thing too, if you donr want to walk in and deal with a almost punk mentality, and the 45 deg, angled hats wearing punks dont go.

these guys are bad news, we just need a way to spread the word..


AWESOME!!!I am glad to find this site exists and hope that it becomes a household name!

I will be glad to avoid this place at all costs.It would be good to know if the owners have other area shops under different names.

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